Sunless Sea: A Zee Shanty

Sunless Sea creators Failbetter Games have asked fans to write Zee shanties in celebration of their one year anniversary. The deadline's tomorrow, so there's still time to write your own catchy zailor's ditty! Here's MASH X TO MUSE's contribution:

Across the black and silent zee

Far across the zee

A Pillared City will one day be

One day far away

And when we came with darkdrop bean

To hear the echoes ring

The Seven-Serpent had always been

The ancient city Irem

Many a year from now we’ll see

Eons in our graves

Garlands red rise from the zee

The gold-decked city Irem

And many years ago, oh dear

ere we were wee babes

Our last stay’s echoes will we hear

In the ancient ruins of Irem

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